Finally, there is cause for the conservative right to defile the liberal media.  After years of continuous cantankerous blathering there is now a culpable stepchild to whip.  The closest representative of the liberal media, NPR , has been able to fend off the conservative caterwauls with a great degree of success over the last decade by actually taking the helm by leading the “fair and balanced” approach.  With the debut of the Air America radio network, NPR can finally cease holding the line while passing the shields off to Al Franken and his fresh, if newly green, band of liberal standard-bearers.  Let the battles rage on.

Where does this take us, the people?  After years of listening to the enemy we can now listen to our allies.  But, is this advantageous to the liberal cause?  By tuning into the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Oliver North, and Sean Hannity many of us are able to develop our own opinions, which typically run contrary to the current conservative doctrine.  By being able to free our minds by listening to the reasonably balanced NPR, the liberal movement has been able to remain politically astute and motivated.  Now, with the advent of a bona fide media outlet that is unabashedly liberal, the spirit that had moved liberals quietly but strongly in the past faces one of its greatest crossroads presently: Do we become the sheep that so many conservatives have become by unquestioningly following the ultra-conservative media?  Shall we join the mob?

Time holds the answers to these questions.  In such a heated year as this, being one of a hotly contested election already in full-swing, punches from both sides of the political fence sometimes cut the air without ever hitting home.  The liberal cause, which I am a proud proponent of, has a very tough time ahead of itself this year.  Even now, I am considerably undecided about many of its own movements and I have to force myself to question everything I ponder.  This is a trait that is at the center of our democracy: the ability to debate and to choose with others as well as within ourselves.  In America, all voters have some very serious issues to ruminate over in the coming several months.  Issues concerning a growing quagmire at home as well as abroad will ultimately be our deciding factor come this November.  Will we abide by what is preached at us?  The Air America radio network has arrived to take the shots being launched from their conservative counterparts, but they are still some facet of the media and the media is still driven by advertisers and corporate sponsorship.  What may now seem like an immense change in the winds may actually turn up as sour a disservice the ultra-conservatives have paid to the conservative cause in this country.  There is a new front on which to wage the war across the airwaves, but these airwaves are owned by the very same few that allow the conservative right to release their flood of disinformation.  Care should be taken with every modicum of information we receive, whether the fountain be liberal or conservative.  Not a single person should walk blindly into November.

Finally, my question to everyone, again, is: Shall we join the mob?