This web logging site is dedicated to two endeavors: 1) The expansion of philosophical thought within the confines of politics and spirituality while analyzing the formidable mob (i.e. Roman) mentality and 2) Furthering the cause to remove our current leader from his seat of power in Washington.

Already I have taken a small bit of criticism for my first post.  I was deemed “divisive” by my always-endearing wife for stating that listeners of the new Air America radio network should be wary of falling into a sheep-like mode.  I was nit-picky, apparently.  We discussed my intentions behind my statement and I brought to her attention the reasons why this web log exists, as I stated in my opening paragraph.  Even after my attempt to reach out to her, I remained in her bad graces.  You must understand my wife to fully realize the comedy behind this interaction, though.  My wife, Kimberleigh, does not wander up and down the borders of ideals.  She is fully ensconced into her belief system and there is frighteningly very little that any human being can do to change her mind.  Typically I refer to these tenets as “Kim’s rules for everybody.” She is not a hypocrite by any measure, though.  She lives by these very same rules, even as flawed as they may be.  I felt that with the dawning of a living, breathing liberal media, we should all take caution where we step.  Conservative Christians have not always dominated the Republican Party as it seemingly does today.  This came about through years of the steady spoiling of the conservative party through the heavy use of the loudest megaphone possible: the radio airwaves.  We sit now with a new freedom in our hands and a new avenue of information.  But, shall we join the mob?

For example, I do enjoy Randi Rhodes’s afternoon talk show on Air America.  I feel she is newsworthy, politically astute, liberal without being soft, and abrasive enough to make liberals and conservatives listen to what she has to offer.  In Portland, Ed Schultz hosts our mid-day show.  I do not like this man for a variety of reasons that may match some of the reasons I do like Randi Rhodes’s show.  Both hosts state the same general downfalls of the Bush administration.  He is abrasive, indeed.  He is loud and unbending.  What he lacks in my eyes, though, is credibility.  This is my opinion, though.  I wrote a letter to our local affiliate, AM 620, and stated flatly to them that, “if I wanted to listen to Rush Limbaugh, I’d do that.” I sense a fox in the henhouse and its name is Ed Schultz.  There are exceptional facets to this new network and I applaud their cause.  I firmly stand behind the Air America network as a boon to the liberal movement in our country.  But, there is always reason to step back, think, and re-evaluate all facets of an argument.