First, I’d like to extend my thanks to a very good friend of mine, Siafa.  He emailed me concerning my lack of a comment function which I had been doing research on.  Siafa is conservative and wished to post his own thoughts both in agreement and opposition to some of my previous comments.  I always encourage discourse in political or social ideas and welcome any opportunity to do so.  A comment function has been added to this page in response to Siafa’s request.  Thanks, Siafa.

Expensive buffets with roast beef breed conservative republicans.

After convening with coworkers of mine in northern California yesterday I came away feeling as if I had just walked out of a meeting of the Republican National Convention.  What was our semi-annual, all-hands meeting seemed to develop into a self-serving pat on our own backs for being able to make a profit.  I understand that in our society corporations and individuals survive by making money.  Money moves all of us.  It supplies us with the collateral with which we conduct our daily lives.  So, yes, my company made money.  Perhaps they made money because of the hard work of some of the sales people.  Perhaps it is because of the supposed rebounding economy.  Perhaps it is because I don’t make enough money to pay for medical insurance for my family.  Let’s clap for that my friends.

As my rally, ahem, I mean meeting, moved along I discovered quite a few interesting bits of information.  I firmly believe that I may be the only politically liberal individual in my entire company (my company being somewhere around fifty people).  My immediate supervisor is conservative and very Christian.  This is somewhat off-putting, but we get along well.  We share similar ideas concerning parental responsibility amongst a few other minute details.  Beyond this, though, it seems as if everyone (save maybe two or three) is less conservative, but still staunchly republican.  Why is this?  This has been the running theme throughout my career as a service technician in a technology related job.  What breeds republicans en masse in my field of work?  Is it the promise of great mounds of paper monies and gold coins?  Is it because of the huge rounds of beef sliced by immigrants making minimum wage that are served at luncheon buffets?  Considering that it seems there are no great mounds of cash to be made (check my bank account), it must be that cow.

The economy is just rockin’ and rollin’.

I heard an even more interesting tidbit from my company’s owner.  His position is primarily laissez-faire while he and his wife travel across this country enjoying their later years, as everyone should.  While elaborating on a previous presentation concerning our transition to an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Program) that had already run far too long, the owner mentioned the figment of our imagination that the unemployment crisis is.  I sat upright immediately to make sure I understood him correctly.  He went on to admonish the 39% of people who make the unemployment crisis in our country a repetitive, relatively unimportant news bit.  While they traveled across the country, he and his wife had plenty of chances to ask people “how they were doing at work?” He may have done this, yes, but he didn’t do this while standing in line at the grocery store behind a family using food stamps.  Seriously, he was probably posing this question to his golfing buddies.  Who golfs?  Republicans!  He mentioned seeing millions of signs searching for “smiling, happy faces” hanging like standards for commerce and the booming economy.  This was written off as economic growth.  Certainly, economic growth is not the hiring of people for much smaller wages after they lost their decent-paying mid-level job.  Economic growth is not the expansion of people to make our tacos or baked potatoes.  Even further, he had the intestinal fortitude to actually say that once the political airs have been washed this November, we should expect “another 4 years of economic growth.” I looked for a half-consumed bottle of Vodka somewhere near his seat, but could not pinpoint one.  Then I looked for my own, because I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.  Everyone clapped, nodded, and shared approving glances as if George W. Bush preached from the pulpit right in front of their faces.

Then I realized I was amongst the mob.