In preparing for our war on Iraq, this administration outlined various methods of bringing economic prosperity to the people post-destruction.  One of these methods was to use the Iraqi oil reserves as an avenue to rebuild the failed economy.  This has not come to pass.  If anyone has profited, it is the American companies who hold the contracts for the oil and who have taken the money from under the feet of the people of that land.  A second method of economic revitalization was to give jobs to the Iraqi people.  This, too, has not come to pass.  25,000 jobs have been given to Iraqis, which comprises only less than 1% of the total Iraqi workforce.  Again, Amercian contractors have stolen the money from under the feet of Iraqis.  In America, we continue to lose jobs to people overseas willing to work for much less than salaries offered to us.  American companies are taking money from under our very own feet, and we pay for it greatly by losing precious time with our families and friends just so we can live.  Needless to say, our lives resemble the splendors of royalty compared to those in Iraq now.  How urgent must our lives become before we must fight to regain them?  How terrible must we act in the face of foreign nations before we crumble under the pressure of our own wrongdoings?