I just noticed an interesting tidbit on and If you navigate to Bush’s site and count each mention of Kerry (on the main page) you’ll notice 5 specific instances of Kerry’s name and 2 pictures (one picture includes vice president candidate Edwards). One of W’s main menu items is even titled Kerry Media Center (You’ll notice it’s seven spaces down on the left). Upon clicking it a huge slew of Kerry bashing occurs.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not surprised by this at all. Election year campaigns have a long history of bashing-the-other-guy. The thing I’m surprised about is after browsing to and counting the mentions of Bush (on the mainpage) my search ended quickly at 0. Of course, to be fair Kerry has a link in his main menu (six spaces down on the left) titled D-Bunker which is quite different from Bush’s Kerry Media Center because it’s dedicated to “D-Bunking” the Bush team attacks not starting them. Still, it’s worth mention because it includes nothing but a slew of Bush mentions.

I would never expect a campaign to go without mention of the opposition. I just wanted to point to the fact that Kerry does seem to be running a very clean race as opposed to Bush. This might change as we approach November but as of right now I have to admit, I’m pretty impressed.