Often I’ve spoken about fundamental, right-wing, conservative Christians.  I’ve voiced my opposition to their very narrow beliefs and expressed my concern for their seemingly limited abilities to think.  These characteristics may or may not have come from Christianity itself, but as I was reading a forum discussion on Beliefnet about the Anglican/Episcopalian church I came across an interesting comment and an equally intersting response which summed up my views of conservative Christianity beautifully and simply.

Post 1 excerpt:

Brandon: I guess its right to ordain an openly gay bishop who lives with another man and probably has sex with him every night. And i also LOVE the woman priests, its seems to have helped many people leave your faith and return to Catholicism again.

Post 2 excerpt:

Kendallnest: There are so many things sad and pathetic about his post that it’s tempting to attack his comments. In truth, I think that is exactly what he’s looking for. People like Brandon are hurting so badly inside that they have created a judgemental, meanspirited, and hateful exterior to protect their vulnerable and immature insides from a world they find intimidating and frightening.

“Brandon” sounds much like Bill O’Reilly and his ilk.  Sadly, though, so does he sound like a few people I know.  Perhaps if they would read things like this more often they would begin to see what exactly drives them to such fundamentalist mistakes.