Mr. President, we, the undersigned, call upon you to speak out for American Democracy. LET NADER DEBATE!

After browsing the comments at the Blog section of the Let Nader Debate website (most comments by Dems’ focused clearly on opposing Nader) I ran across this post:

I’m suffering, as many Americans are. We’re not employed, or underpaid. We’re losing jobs to people overseas. Many of us don’t have health coverage. Our retirement funds have been stolen by corporate thiefs. We are horribly aware what Bush and the neo-cons have been up to. WE ARE HORRIFIED that the “party of the people” have done N-O-T-H-I-N-G in the face of the right wing take-over. What has the Democratic Party been doing the last 4 years???!!! I wish you guys had been as passionate fighting against the right wing in the past 4 years, as you are about silencing Ralph Nader.

I blame the Democrats for not standing up to Bush and the far right. You’re a cowardly bunch. Rather than running a real campaign and demonstrating a real opposition to Bush you guys have chosen to focus your campaign on a dude who will get 3% of the vote. If you’re that stupid and undemocratic you don’t deserve to be in the White House. – Rahim Seppa

Thank you Mr. Seppa for eloquently wrapping up my feelings on the issue…