According to Howard Dean, we are surely headed for the draft.  I take it that he means if Bush is re-elected, this will come about.  But, John Kerry and John Edwards have renounced the draft but have pledged 40,000 more troops to Iraq to resolve hostilities suffered there by civilans and troops (Iraqi and American).  How this would be accomplished without a draft, I do not know.  Personally I’d like to see the Guard released of their overseas duties to return home where they belong, but to inflate the troop concentration that much seems to beg to a draft.

*The Armed Forces are already chronically understaffed. In 2003, General Eric Shinseki testified before Congress that an additional 50,000 troops would be needed beyond what the Bush administration said would be necessary to stabilize Iraq after the invasion. The President ignored him. We do not have enough troops in Afghanistan to be able to stabilize the country, as shown by the continual putting off of elections well past their announced date. In an effort to free up yet more troops in the coming years, we are moving troops away from the Demilitarized Zone in Korea and reducing the number of troops on the Korean Peninsula at a time when North Korea poses more of a danger to the U.S. – not less. Because of the President’s military adventurism, our Armed Forces are under enormous pressure. The only place to go for more troops is a draft.

*Selective service boards have already been notified that 20-year-olds and medical personnel will be called up first.

For further information, please refer to Common Dreams.