Since I lasted posted a comment on this page, I’ve gone through a certain shift in thinking.  I’ve not swung more to the right.  That would be absurd.  If anything, I’ve swung more to the left after having a lengthy “discussion” via Randy Bishop’s blog, Brilliant Mistake.  In trying to stand for John Kerry’s positions against a more left-leaning agenda, I’ve come to remember to be skeptical of all facets of government, incoming, outgoing, or competing.  Don’t take this as my discontinued support of John Kerry, because that has not been deterred.  We must all look with critical eyes, wary of what we are told while the campaign trail is wide open and well-traveled.  Most obvious in this election is the movement to remove George W. Bush from power and to alleviate our country of his warring ways, his pro-corporation/anti-middle and low class legislation, and his (and his cabinet’s) vague and outright untruthful words.  In addition, though, John Kerry must be kept under the view of the same microscope as well for he may be the person to bring us out of the hole Bush has so enthusiastically dug, but he may not be able to restore what America is truly about: democracy.  Speaking of the further-left, much of what Ralph Nader says is very true about our government and these topics should be included in our political dialogue for the simple notion of saving liberty, freedom, and democracy. This is my stance and I fancy it will not change for some time.  Here ends my commentary on American politics as it stands.  For further political commentary from the far-left to the near-left and maybe even center, please spend your time at Brilliant Mistake, where I am a contributing writer.

At this point, taking leave from the obvious political patchwork we all live in, I am shifting the focus of this site to religion.  I’ve come to realize that religion, Christianity especially, is not as simplistic as it may have seemed to me even a year ago.  Following in the tradition of philosophers, theologians, writers, and professors such as Dr. Cornel West, Rev. John Shelby Spong, John Dominic Crossan, Marcus Borg, Garrison Keillor, Rev. Jim Wallis, Rev. James Forbes, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Bill Moyers, Forrest Church, Henry David Thoreau, amongst many others, I plan to focus on what it means to be religious and the implications being Christian has in today’s America and world.  Do not expect light prayers to God and rants about how my life could be improved if I loved Christ more.  These can be absurd notions if left to the simple-minded and unlearned or the fearful and apologetic.  God has taken a new meaning and a new vision in my day-to-day actions and I will fully explore the breadth of this meaning in future posts.

Thank you.