Republicans outside the White House said it was Mr. Kerry who had stood out. Representative Peter T. King of New York said in an interview that “people who thought Kerry was going to get knocked out of the box – he’s still in there.”

“I was never one who thought this was going to be an easy race,” Mr. King said.

One veteran Republican strategist who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of offending the White House said: “Part of Bush’s strength is his simplicity, but in that forum, it became shallowness. That was a high-minded debate and there was a lot more depth to Kerry and his points than to Bush.”

Bush and Kerry Follow Debate With Sharp Jabs

I don’t know about you, but this is pretty fun to watch.  I’ve barely seen dissent on the right side of the aisle outside of John McCain who said: “He presented himself well, John did. Kerry came out slugging. In the last six weeks, it was probably his brightest moment.”

Of course, I’m still disenchanted when comments like what John Kerry said in Tampa after the debates are made, “two people – no 30-second ads, no distortions, and talk about the truth to the American people.”

Truth eh?  I don’t think so, Neither of you have brought that to the table yet Mr. Kerry.