In the comments under Cas’ last post, I respectfully dissent from your discussions of compromising your family responsibilities with your social responsibilities.

First of all this is not directed at any of you personally but to the society at large. All of your circumstances are unique.

I understand the lure of money and preserving your way of life, a way of life you were born into and feel entitled to preserve, but you should take a hard look at that way of life and whether it is worth preserving. I suggest that this is the confrontation that you are avoiding by continuing at your socially irresponsible jobs.

Even if that way of life is worth preserving, it isn’t going to last for very long no matter how many people fight and struggle at preserving it. Suburbia is depleting our resources; and the majority of objective experts have agreed, suburbia is dying. When oil and natural gas prices reach beyond any affordable price, the suburbs will become the American ghetto. Experts are predicting this to happen, anywhere form the next 2 to 20 years. My warning is that you should all get out before you lose everything you are trying to preserve.

It may not be your family’s interest that you are trying to protect; it may be your culture you are trying to maintain. Question yourself. Is it really in your family’s best interest to balance preservation of suburbia against your social responsibility?

PS…Nobody’s perfect…this is not meant as an attack, just an observation on society at large.

This post has been inspired by the film End of Suburbia. Check it out!

End of Suburbia