Now as this evening’s Frontline comes to a close, I think I understand what has transpired over the last four years more clearly.  Allow me to use an analogy that most of us can relate to: elementary and high school.

What we have in our country’s seat of power are the bullies of the class.  These bullies have conspired to make sure that most other kids’ lives are pure living hell unless they live under their set of rules.  But, this rule of bully-law takes years, perhaps from the birth of bullydom in the second grade or so all the way through those uncertain pre-pubescent years until the full bloom of high school mob rule, to come full circle.  Plans are made, bullies leave, new bullies come, but the same bullies work those certain plans to make sure they can get their will done.  The bully power grows to the boiling point, but, alas, because they have garnered for themselves a reputation for being the tough guys.  There is no way they could sneak in with such flags waving in the winds of the school hallways.  Ah, but there is always another, more sneaky way.  They key, while continuing the daily beatings, is to find the guy that people like because he’s funny, but also thinks that he, himself, is a tough guy.  You know, he’s the kid that most others thought was kind of simple, maybe harmless, and definitely sometimes annoying.  So, the bullies work their way in to said annoying but friendly guy’s life, making him feel like he’s important.  Yeah, he thinks he’s cool now that he’s running with the bullying set.  So, eventually mr. eager-beaver guy becomes the conduit for the bullies’ motives, exercising their control over the school populace as time moves on.  While duping the rest of the class, mr. affable kid gets elected to the senior class presidency, and then the fun begins…

So, we have our cast of characters in what amounts to “White House 90210.” Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, and Cheney are the cabal of bullydom.  W. is their sympathetic, but just a little dumb and easily-led, “pal.” Those of us that don’t agree with this administration’s policies are the trod-upon, and those who side with them only wish they could bully people just as effectively as the cabal does.  As in the rest of life, politics, too, can be framed within our school experiences.  How sad.