We must all sit down tonight and write letters, make phone calls, write emails, send faxes, whatever we have to do to make sure that the vast amount of voting fraud is covered by the national media!

Wow…I’ve been skeptical of people blowing the voting problems out of proportion, but they just keep coming and all in favor of Bush.  You conspiracy theorists are starting to win me over, keep up the good work.

The magnitude of voting discrepancies is becoming more and more apparent.  This shit is about to hit the national media fan, thanks to grassroots investigative journalism.  Thank you blogsters!

Coming from one who still (I know I’m crazy) tries to have some faith in our political system and media safeguards, I am shocked at the level of Republican trickery that is apparent.  All it takes is someone with some common sense and time to look for voting discrepancies across the country to see that something is amiss.  I don’t think that the national media will be able to ignore it much longer if we keep talking about and refuse to let it go.