…but the evidence mounts against the Republicans.

I was just reading last night of the struggles Edward R. Murrow and William L. Shirer had during their early reporting from Europe in ’38 and ’39, because CBS thought them too anti-Nazi. – Keith Olbermann

The actions of our administration stretches into the scary.  Now that the “other side” has won, you would think that they would revel.  Yet, they’re still angry.  No.  Scratch that.  They’re PISSED.  It seems to me that I remember that although Hitler gained more and more power he never became the happy, gleeful Hitler that the world need not worry about.  No, my friends, he became angrier and angrier as did his followers.  And what of the people?  Even the people who stood against the Nazis?  They fell in fear.

Show no fear.

Do not fall back.