“I want to ride a skateboard across LOVE Park and get arrested,” says Bacon, who, though he is 92 and has only one eye, exudes the rakish aura of a Little Rascal. “I want to protest what the mayor has done to LOVE Park. And I want you to cover it.” LOVE Burns Bacon

I discovered the Free LOVE Park campaign earlier today while studying for an urban planning exam.  I find it heartening to know that Edmund Bacon supports skateboarding in Philadelphia’s LOVE Park – one of his major planning contributions to the city during the 1960s. 

“Architect, city planner, educator, and writer, Edmund N. Bacon (1910 – ) orchestrated revitalization of downtown Philadelphia after World War II and served as one of the most articulate voices for a vigorous urban planning process in American cities. As executive director of Philadelphia’s City Planning Commission from 1949 to 1970, he created Penn Center, restored Society Hill, and preserved open space throughout the revitalized center city. His widely read book, Design of Cities (1967), has greatly influenced the way cities are understood and planned.” – Journal of Planning History

Visit Free Love Park.