This isn’t new at all but I realized at work the other day how many people have no knowledge of Voluntary Collective Licensing.

The idea is both simple and fantastic.  Each artist signs up (voluntarily) to allow their music to be shared online.  To access this unlimited library broadband users pay a monthly subscription fee of $5 and are allowed to download AS MUCH AS THEY WISH.  No more RIAA lawsuits, no more worrying about your kids downloading things without your knowledge.  Best of all, unlike iTunes or Napster broadband subscribers have a chance to browse catalogs they may not be familiar with.

Currently individuals have no desire to download a song or artist they never heard.  Why take a chance and waste $.99 (or even more for the entire album) when you might not like it?  With VLS experimentation and taking a chance poses NO RISK.  If your kooky “music snob” friend recommended 65 Days of Static and you’re not sure whether he’s really keyed on to your music taste, why not just download it then delete if it falls by the, “what the hell was that indie junky thinking?” or keep it if it turns into the album that maintains constant rotation?