Via the Ann Arbor News:

Two members of the University of Michigan’s Board of Regents said Thursday saving a portion of the Frieze Building should be considered in developing plans for a new residence hall and academic building at the site.  Speaking after a group of concerned citizens lobbied for the preservation of the Frieze Building, regents Katherine White, D-Ann Arbor, and Andrea Fischer Newman, R-Ann Arbor, acknowledged that reusing a portion of the building may not be possible financially, but the architectural company chosen for the project should consider the idea.


A community meeting will be held about the project next month, on Jan. 13. It starts at 7 p.m., in the Michigan Room of the Michigan League. Several U-M officials, including University Planner Susan Gott and Director of Housing Carole Henry, are scheduled to attend. U-M’s Director of Community Relations James Kosteva said the officials want to listen to the community.

This is what I had hoped to hear.  There is no reason why the University could not at least preserve the facade of the building.  Situated on the northern edge of the Central Campus, the Frieze Building is bordered by the Old Fourth Ward neighborhood.  Thus, the building is as much a part of the Ann Arbor community as it is the University (the Frieze Building once served as the Ann Arbor High School).  The idea for a new dormitory sounds great, and I certainly encourage the University to help increase the density within the downtown, but I hope they thoroughly explore ALL avenues when designing the plans for this project.

BTW, It’s nice to read that an EMU Planning and Preservation professor gave a presentation on facade preservation to the UM officials.  Way to go Dr. Tyler!