The Washington Governor’s race is an interesting one.  The Republican candidate for the governor’s seat won the initial count for the election by a slim margin.  Christine Gregoire, the Democratic candidate, challenged the outcome because of the margin.  After machine recounts and a “final” hand recount, the vote numbers turned around for the Democrats.  After that last count, which Mr. Rossi proclaimed would be the final word, a margin of just over 100 votes separated the two.  So, basically, what we have today is an inauguration of Ms. Gregoire into the governorship of Washington state while Mr. Rossi is still going to contest the very results he proclaimed would be the final word concerning this race, being so sure of his lead.  According to the Republican re-vote committee in Washington:

ReVote Washington is here because a “‘crisis of democracy’” faces all of us in our state. Our governor’s election produced no clear victor at a critical time: We need strong, decisive leadership in Olympia.

This unfortunate dilemma exists because legitimate and real concerns have arisen over ballot counting in our historically tight election. All votes were not counted. A critical number of ballots were not counted correctly. A majority of us doubt the outcome. Many have lost confidence in our very system of governance.

I find this very interesting because I hear the very same things come out of the Congressional Black Caucus in Washinton, D.C.  So, apparently, there is cause for the Republicans to look at voting processes and to not deem these things as a waste of time.  This is so very funny to me because when the tables are turned, both parties end up sounding like the other until one tires out.  Elections should not be this uncertain.  The time for election reform is now.