Putting all opulence and splendor from last week’s coronation aside, why did the horrific images of Iraqi parents getting killed in the car with their kids in the back seat get virtually ignored by American media outlets?  Was it because images such as these do not fit into the cheery reports disseminated by this administration of liars and thieves?  Was it because while King George is plastered on all of our airwaves no such news shall interfere?  Yes, war is hell and perhaps there was a massive misunderstanding between the troops and the family in this car that led to their gory deaths.  Yes, war is hell and casualties are to be expected.  Yes, war is hell and soldiers have to do their job.  That is what is sad about all of this.  Yet, none of this would have happened if our leaders didn’t start the war in the first place.

Please take time to read this week’s edition of From Where I Stand by Sr. Joan Chittester.

I sat back and looked out the train window myself. Would anybody in the United States be seeing this picture today? Would the United States ever see it, in fact? And if it is printed in the United States, will it also cross the country like wildfire and would people hear the unwritten story under it?

There are 54 million people in Iraq. Over half of them are under the age of 15. Of the over 100,000 civilians dead in this war, then, over half of them are children. We are killing children. The children are our enemy. And we are defeating them.

I feel sick.