My story of music obsession does not differ from many others.  I had a band that opened my eyes as a teenager to what music could be about.  As a freshman in high school, I was steadily introduced to Metallica.  Shortly after, they became my all consuming love.  Metallica stood for all that was good in music.  I even began drumming because I was so inspired my their music.  They were gods to me.

When I and they got older I broke away from them after the release of the infamous black album.  I felt like I had divorced a friend I’d had for years.  I still haven’t found a band I loved as much as I loved Metallica in my early years.  Perhaps it is because I’m older now?  Maybe its because I’m more jaded?  Either way, listening to James Hetfield on Fresh Air today made me travel back in time.  It was nice.