image Feathers
Dead Meadow
Release: February 22, 2005
Matador Records

Jason Simon (guitar, vocals), Steve Kille (bass, sitar), Stephen McCarty (drums), and Cory Shane (guitar) have once again taken a step back into 1970, a time when Sabbath ruled.

Call it dinosaur rock, call it stoner rock. You can call it whatever term condones droned, dreamy, spacey, fuzzy, rock-n-roll and it fits.  Lost with out their Dunlop Wah, Dead Meadow slowly murmur their way through a frequency of pure thick analog psychedelic rock music.  A broad spectrum Feathers is not.  No matter, it still sounds pretty sweet. 

Usually I don’t like this type of thing. When obvious references to Hendrix, Floyd, and Sabbath can be made I just pull out the real thing. Yet, listening deeper to Feathers can draw a lot more than the obvious. I’ve heard various shoegazing suggestions, Brit-pop, a bit of Bends era Radiohead, maybe even Swervedriver inspirations.  One surprisingly weird vocal tone on Stacy’s Song sounds a lot like Beck.  For whatever reason Meadow decided to pigeon hole themselves into the garage, stoner, etc… genre with warranty to span a less gimmicky arena.  The reason I say this? You can’t buy a book by its cover but you can definitely make a near precise evaluation of what Dead Meadow wants to sound like by any of theirs.

Borrow Feathers off a friend.  You may be surprised by Dead Meadow’s depth of insight, you may not.  It’s worth a listen.