This was the lead story on the Freep: Big Beast a Symbol of Dangers From SUVs. This is a really bizarre campaign…

A nasty looking Muppet on steroids debuted Monday in the latest attempt to convince drivers that SUVs are Satan’s spawn, the things the Lord of the Rings’ Dark Riders would have used to hunt down Frodo, if only they could have afforded the gasoline.

The beast, which goes by the endearing name Esuvee, is part of a new $30-million campaign mostly funded by Ford Motor Co. through a settlement of a lawsuit brought by 50 state governments over its marketing of SUVs.

The campaign aims “to remove the halo SUVs now have … the halo effect that makes young men particularly feel that they are invulnerable or invincible when they are behind the wheel of a sport-utility vehicle,” Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal said in an Associated Press report.

Visit (make sure your audio is on for the flash presentation!).  Esuvee looks better than Animal from the Muppets!!!