One of my intentions when I started Me Duce Tutus Eris was to illustrate the mob-mentality and its adverse effect on society as a whole.  The mob has within it the power to give birth to empire and to be instrumental in its demise.  Also, within the title of my web log lies a jab to our administration as well as to countless religious leaders that proclaim to have answers.  Me Duce Tutus Eris in Latin means “Under My Leadership You Will Be Safe.” In understanding this, my intention was and still is to examine the unholy marriage of church and state but has evolved into a more focused inspection of the Christian church as a whole.  The problem with this is that the lines between church and state blur so often now that it is almost impossible to extract one from the other.  How can we force that divide to begin widening once again?  How can we all be instrumental in the battle against the dragon of empire?

Much has been recently stated about these issues.  Americans United for the Separation of Church and State have their concerns in the right basket, but I’m not convinced that they understand fully the methods in which to combat such an organized religious group bolstered by the mob.  It is simple to decree that there should be no discourse based on religious ideas in government.  But what happens is that when laws are legislated, social justice and fairness are all taken into consideration amongst many other things.  I am no lawyer and do not proclaim to know or even understand the process of law making, but as a commoner, I believe that everyone’s general well being is supposed to be considered in the process of law making.  This is the problem.  My and many of our own convictions come from religious sources.  For many this may not be true, but for an overwhelmingly large amount, this is the case.  So, when we face such a beast made up of fundamentalist religious leanings and an oligarchic government, such as we have nesting in Washington D.C., we must fight fire with fire.  Fundamentalism in all forms of religion proves again and again to be the most dangerous and, not surprisingly, most attractive religious attribute to many people searching for absolute answers.  Jim Wallis plainly states the root of fundamentalism in his recent book, God’s Politics:

Fundamentalism is essentially a revolt against modernity.  It is a reaction usually based on profound fear and defensiveness against “losing the faith.”

So, what we have is a revolt.  But what many of us do not see is that this revolt began years ago and we all just dismissed it as small and ineffective.  We dismissed all the conservative right-winged preachers as null and void, preaching to congregations of a few as compared to the monstrous whole.  This, now, is not the case.  Fundamentalism in Christianity is becoming, or may have even already become, the norm in our country, perhaps in response to the rise of fundamentalist Islam (of which our leadership [governmental and religious] loves to exploit at the expense of our fear and well-being).  The mob has been moved and its intent is to bring this American empire to fruition with the use of big business, big Christianity, and big militarism; an unholy trinity the likes we have not seen in a long time.

A recent email I received from Americans United for Separation of Church and State stated:

“These are dangerous times for the First Amendment principle of church-state separation,” said the Rev. Barry W. Lynn, Americans United executive director. “Religious advocates of all stripes are applying all kinds of pressure on politicians to start passing laws based on their interpretation of the Bible.

“From James Dobson to Jim Wallis, evangelicals are goading politicians to couch policy-making in Christian terms,” Lynn continued. “This is deeply troubling and potentially very divisive. Politicians are not preachers, and political debate should not be turned into religious conflict.”

In a sense they are correct, but in another, more pressing sense, they seem to forget, or ignore, the simple fact that what we face is a perverted religion bearing down upon the United States and that there are only a few ways to deflect this blow.  One, and probably the most effective way, is to fight fire with fire.  What the AU doesn’t seem to want to see is that in order for there to be a separation of church and state the opposite action to the current action must take place in order to set things straight.  In other words, Christians who think more liberally than conservatives or those that take more issues in consideration than one (e.g. considering more than just the gay marriage “scare”) have to be the force that keeps this separation true and strong.  What this means, though, is that the discourse must be somehow moved from the public arena back into the streets, our homes, and in our churches.  How can this be done, though, when we face a growing theocracy? How can we move the battle to higher ground when our paths are sewn shut by this growing threat?

The mob, my friends, is where our answers lie.  What we face is a growing, nasty mob filled with hate for anyone other than white Christians who lust after the end times.  What we face when we walk out our doors is the enemy embodied by ignorance and utter stupidity.  What we have is an organized mob made up of seekers who have been given answers apparently rich enough to satisfy their spiritual curiosity and they have been mobilized against the rest of us whether we are spiritual, secular, or a blend of both.  We are targeted and only those that know how to fight against such fundamentalism in the most effective way will even begin to turn the tide back from whence it came.  This is where I think that the AU’s statement falls into erroneous supposition.  Just because there are some of us that feel social justice comes from a spiritual place does not render our voices silent in the public square.  There are many people of various religions that feel strongly for a separation of church and state as I do.  But, we also understand with what ammunition the opposing forces utilize to move the mob in lock step with them.  Let us do our work together and then you can do yours to keep the government free from religion when we return to our churches.