Politically speaking, the mob controls everything.  They control the media, they control our businesses, they control our congressmen and senators.  Without the mob we wouldn’t have to deal with the likes of Fox News, Wal-Mart, and people like G.W. Bush in positions of power.  The all encompassing power lies with them while they cheer on during the gladiatorial bloodbath.

So much can be thrown into the fray by the liberals in a desperate attempt to topple a growing empire.  We can do all that we feel is right.  We can talk about social justice.  We can demand human rights in America and abroad.  We can even expose multiple facets of governmental fraud, waste, and abuse.  We can do these things day in and day out.  But, the people just do not care.

Take for instance the crooked, if not strange, presence of one “Jeff Gannon.” Every aspect of this story spits of fascism.  We have a “reporter” with no credentials to speak of except for some work he’s done for Talon News, an offshoot of GOP USA, a plainly partisan news source.  Not only is he allowed daily access into the White House for press conferences, but he has been called on for questions consistently because of the soft nature of his probes.  We have a “reporter” that is allowed access into areas of the White House I’d be hard pressed to even get a glimpse of.  Yet, “Mr. Gannon” is a fraud.  Talon News is a fraud.  “Jeff Gannon,” as we are finding out slowly but surely is a character with a seedy background in male-centered pornography sites and, as it seems to be the case now, prostitution.  His sexual oreintation notwithstanding, how does a prostitute end up in the White House?  How would this have been framed in the days of Clinton?  This on top of recent media propagandist payoffs should tip not only liberal bloodhounds, but the general public as to the crooked nature of this administration.  But it hasn’t yet, and I don’t think it will.  Why is this?

Recently, a woman presented her case of hardship to President Bush.  She is a divorced woman with three children and is forced to work three jobs to keep her family afloat.  This woman, obviously, is having a very rough time getting by.  Yet, when President Bush was presented this true-to-life scenario, he stopped her.  He stopped her in the middle of her story not to console her but to bring to light the greatness of this woman.  He wanted to use her as an example of the greatness of America’s people.  He completely missed the point that she is losing precious time with her kids in the never-ending search for money.  This woman isn’t looking to become rich.  She isn’t looking to get ahead.  She is looking to feed her kids and keep them sheltered.  This is America’s greatness?  This is the American dream?  President Bush has absolutely no concept of what life is like for most Americans who make extreme attempts at keeping their kids fed, clothed, and educated.  A man with a silver spoon in his mouth is a man who cannot taste the dust of poverty.  This lone example of a woman is what illustrates not the greatness of America, but the demise of America’s middle class.  From this struggle to live stem a multitude of other social ills such as childhood and adult obesity (from eating the cheaper, boxed foods or the even cheaper fast foods), the destruction of the family unit (with no parental supervision and a basic dinner eaten together, the threads of the family wear thin), and the triumph of creditors in controlling our lives (from living on plastic to the absolute rock bottom: lives beholden to “fast cash now” and rent-a-center rapists).  Why is this allowed to happen?

This morning as I was driving to work I was listening to Air America’s Morning Sedition radio program.  An interesting idea was being debated: how Democrats have forgotten about the poor.  The more I thought about this, the more it seemed frighteningly true.  In similar style and tactic, conservative Republicans have succeeded greatly in shifting the battlefield from the concerns of the poor to the concerns of the rich.  The Democrats have blindly moved along and have left the poor in the dust.  Where is the social justice in this?  Where is the common decency in allowing the rich to step in line in front of the poor?  Has the Democratic Party become this naive?  Have they not learned a thing in the last twenty or so years?  Perhaps not, but is it fully their fault?  I believe they should take most of the blame for the ill-advised moves to pander to corporatism, but we have all allowed it.  Many have shouted down “crazies” like Ralph Nader and Barbara Ehrenreich for taking (what was defined by more conservative leaning members of either party) staunch liberal stances on these issues of poverty and our dependence on corporatism.  What we do to our brothers and sisters by avoiding the realities of their existence not only wounds them, but damages us as well.  Considering that most of the middle class is slipping into the lower middle class, shouldn’t they also be concerned?  I am, being a member of this class.  I am afraid every day that I wake up that my children will become injured or become severely ill.  I have no insurance to cover them because I can’t afford the $500 a month premium it takes to cover my family.  I have food to buy, bills to pay for (usually partially if at all), and education costs to consider because I refuse to allow my daughter to fall into the crumbling public education system only to be spat out a statistic.  Why is this allowed to happen in this country of ours?

We face a great beast in the mob.  We have a strongly amassed army of peasants that believe what is told and sold to them.  They believe that shopping at Wal-Mart is okay and that unionization is anti-capitalist.  They, too, forget that by shopping there that their brothers and sisters suffer because Wal-Mart values the dollar over our lives.  They believe in news outlets such as Fox News because this is all they know.  They’ve been told that intellectuals and Hollywood elites control everything else and since when is an intellectual a working man’s friend?  They are told that eating healthy and buying local is wrong because it means they are snooty.  They are told that their back-breaking work is an example of the American spirit.  While I agree with this premise, the exploitation of middle and lower class workers across this country is what drives corporatism and its dreams of fascism.  And, still, the people do not care.

We that care about our families, our friends, and our nation can do nothing until a major shift is enacted.  Howard Dean has been moved into the seat of power for the Democratic National Committee which I find to be a very positive sign for the future if he doesn’t sink with the ship.  While this may excite the party and other liberals, we all must remember that one man cannot change a nation.  A shift is possible only if it comes from us, but the task we face in the gladiatorial ring is one that cannot be beaten down with a single blow; for the mob rules and we are beholden to it.