Everyone knows that it can be a challenge to find authoritative resources on the Web.  Unlike a library, where resources have already been filtered so that users can trust them, the web puts responsibility for judging authoritativness on the users’ shoulders.  But at Brigham Young-Idaho, the library is just cutting out access to search engines altogether.  This is taken from the library website.

* Every computer in the McKay Library can access any website so

long as it is not filtered or is not a search engine. Simply type the

URL in the address box.

* To use a search engine, such as Google, you must use a computer

near the 1st floor Reference Desk. Ask at the desk if you need

assistance. We recognize that the web can be a valuable source of

information, so we have a few computers where search engines may be

used. Rarely are these work stations unavailable.

* Surfing the web for quality information takes a lot of time. The

Library has about 500 computers, but there are more than 11,000 students

on campus. Because of the scarcity of reliable research information on

the web, and the time it takes to find it, most students would have a

difficult time finding an open computer if search engines were allowed

on them.

* Part of the Library’s mission is to help students find

authoritative, research-quality information. To accomplish this goal we

subscribe to more than 100 full-text databases that can quickly and

efficiently provide the resources you need.