A few days ago I was speedily driving down one of the local expressways trying to get to my daughter’s school on time to take her home.  The sun was out and the air was warm.  I could see Mt. Hood in the distance, covered in sparkly white snow.  I was relaxed.

Within a mile of my intended off-ramp, I had one of those feelings that someone was watching me.  I shrugged it off and took stock of how much room I had to merge into the slow lane.  Then I felt it again.  Someone was watching me.  I realized that there was a silver sedan to my left, in the fast lane, that was matching my speed.  I thought at first maybe a friend was trying to get my attention.  Then I remembered I don’t have any friends in Portland.  Who could this be?  I slowly turned my gaze toward the silver car and saw a goateed, balding man looking in my general direction.  All I thought was, “Was a tire flat?  Was my exhaust spitting out flames?” Mr. Goatee excitedly kept turning his gaze my way while trying to make sure he was’t going to rear-end any cars ahead of him.  He then sped up a little and I was left quite perplexed.  My exit was approaching fast.

Then he did it.  Mr. Clean put his right hand, fingers extended, thumb to to nose, in front of his face.  Then he wiggled his fingers.  I was completely lost.  Was this guy telling me to F-off?  He couldn’t just give me the finger like a normal ass?  Then he smiled and sped off.  I looked for the “W” sticker.  None to be found.

After I slowed down to a stop at the top of the exit ramp, I gathered that the road warrior that had just decided to show me the five fingers of disrespect must not have liked my John Kerry sticker which is still affixed to my rear bumper.  I wondered why I didn’t just give him the finger and then laugh at him, but the delivery system on his end just had me completely discombobulated.  I couldn’t let go of the view of his fingers, slowly wiggling, thumb attached to the tip of his nose.  What the hell was that about?  They won!

But I realized something since the incident.  This is all a metaphor for the utterly absurd policies being pushed by the Bush administration and his hit men in the House and Senate.  They won, indeed.  But they’re still pissed!  Winning, my friends, is not enough.  No, the completely sadistic drive to not win, but to destroy is what drives so many of the neo-conservatives that hold sway in our houses of representation, in our office of the Presidency, in our courts, in our media outlets, and in many of our churches.  Their indomitable thirst for the taste of our blood is what yet remains, and our necks are feast after their famine.  My confrontation (it it can be called that) with Mr. Neo-con is of no consequence, really.  Actually, it was pretty funny at the time.  I wish I had the fortitude and the presence of mind to give him the finger back.  Too bad I didn’t.

Anyone else have any run-ins with pissed off Republicans that were mad at you for their win?