According to silicon Valley author J.D. Lasica’s teamed up with Macromedia cofounder Marc Cantor on a grassroots media site called (which was supposed to go public yesterday).

“This is another way people are going to be able to use their networks,” says Lasica.

Calling itself the “global homepage for grassroots media,” aims to be a place for people to swap and share what they’ve created. Think of it as blogging with video and audio, only a little better organized than the mishmash of (mostly text-only) sites up today.

On one level, OurMedia is a community site, the sort of thing that a Hollywood studio person or a talented recording engineer might dismiss as amateurish.

But think about what it’s going to look like when someone really creative gets their hands around a digital camera or an MP3 player and then distributes their work to that community. Think about what a filmmaker rejected by the studios or other established outlets might do with OurMedia’s savvy audience.

First off, excuse the author for not “getting it” with the MP3 player line (MP3 players play—hence the name, “player”—they don’t create music). Secondly, she probably meant digital camcorder not camera (Flickr already does the picture thing fairly well). Aside from that, is this yet another option for musicians and filmmakers opposite signing with a major?