Does this mean I need to remove the bumber sticker from my car? Via the Boston Globe, by Dan Shaughnessy: Park It Here For The Future.

Meet the new ballpark. Same as the old ballpark. And put in an order now for Opening Day 2012, when the Red Sox will become the first major league team in history to celebrate 100 years in the same ballpark.

Today the Red Sox owners officially will announce what has been apparent for quite some time. They will tell the world that Fenway Park is going to be their home for the indefinite future. They will unveil plans for more ballpark work and accompanying neighborhood improvements.

It’s a major victory for the “Save Fenway” demonstrators who were mocked by the likes of me and others when they first organized their grassroots campaign. I compared them to the Japanese soldiers found in the Philippines still fighting months after World War II was over.

Put away the TNT and the wrecking ball. Fenway is saved.

It’s good to hear that some cities value their historic sporting venues.  Now, what do we do with Tiger Stadium?