image You Kill Me
Release: Sep 21, 2004
Sukilovesrecords / Play It Again Sam

Sukilove is a five-piece group from Antwerp, Belgium.  You Kill Me is a teased climax.  A sonic plateau never reached, yet patiently built and enjoyed.

I’ve spent time with this record, rotating the tunes time and again.  I’ve had great difficulty pinning down precisely what makes it good.  It almost certainly boils down plainly, good songwriting.  Sukilove’s lyricist/writer/frontman Pascal Deweze doesn’t easily trip up.  His straightforward approach to verse/hook crammed tracks timing out at about 4 minutes isn’t revolutionary, but it works.  His lyrics are repetitive, almost to the point of irritating, they consist of pre-teen content as-if written by an English second language student (Can’t blame him on that, remember he’s from Belgium).  Yet in the end cast all that aside, You Kill Me is a great album!

If you’re looking for a rock group producing interesting things by not affirming to typical gimmicks, I would suggest picking up You Kill Me.  It’s as clear-cut as that.