If Ah-nold can be Governator, then Martha can surely run for Detroit City Council.  Via the Associated Press: Martha Reeves Runs For Detroit Council Post.

The City Council may be dancing to a brand-new beat come election time.

Martha Reeves is circulating petitions to run for the Detroit City Council.

“I think I’ve had a very good opportunity to travel the world and to observe things,” she told WDIV-TV Friday. “I’ve always been a good team player and I figure I’ll be an asset on our city council in Detroit.”

Reeves, 63, said she wasn’t put off by the sometimes volatile nature of city council meetings.

“I think that our city council could probably get along better if they had a little music,” she said. “And I’ll get them to dance in the streets.” (Ouch!)

Martha Reeves & the Vandellas’ hits include “Dancing in the Street,” “(Love Is Like a) Heat Wave” and “Nowhere to Run.”