Mary and I just returned from a week vacation in beautiful Oregon.  We had a chance to visit Ashland and see nearly all of I5 running the vertical distance of the state.  Thank you Kim, Cas, Delphina, and Hero for making our visit fantastic!  I’ll be posting photos of the trip very soon.

Often times it takes a trip like this to trigger a new awareness of social, cultural, and political thoughts.  In Portland I’ve had plenty of time to reflect our place as “crazy liberals” and also the importance of close relations with similar tongues.  Agreeing with someone or “preaching to the choir” not only builds optimism but provokes action.  Mr. Cas Kopacki would call it the anti-mob or make some other reference to safety in numbers. I think it goes beyond safety.  Being together gives each individual a chance to grow more on their own. Well, at least that’s what I got from spending time with friends.

On another note, Cas and I are once again beginning work on Memoirs.  We’re aiming for the stars.