So the Supreme Court recently made a controversial decision that the Federal government may not pass laws protecting property owners from eminent domain, when the purpose of taking peoples’ land is for private business use.  Example, if a business wants to locate where there is a block of homes, other business, etc. a local government may force those people to sell their property to the city and then the city may sell the property to the new business.  The puzzling thing to me is that the court split with the “liberal” and “swing vote” justices winning.  This means that the liberal justice were in favor of limiting federal power over property rights and not in protecting property owners.  The “conservative” justices on the other hand wanted to expand federal power, over state power and business desires.  Can anybody make sense of this?  Is the world coming to an end? 

I’ve been trying to think of situation in which “liberals” would prefer this outcome, but I can’t.  Do I even deserve to be in Law School?  I personally think that this was a terrible decision on part of some of my most admired justices.  Someone please explain.  Many people agree…in fact check this out.