I’m sure you’ve all heard Pat Robertson’s remarks during an episode of the 700 Club, advocating that the U.S. assassinate President Chavez of Venezuela.

It is obvious that these remarks go against Christian doctrine and others have jumped on this contradiction.  See Reverand Hagler’s interesting article.

But we all know that America’s leaders of the Christian right have never shied away from advocating violence and other sins against their political foes, but what makes Chavez a threat to their view of Christianity?  I think this opens up an interesting avenue for discourse on this board.

Why does the liberal political climate of an oil rich country in South America have any place in the preaching of American Christians? More generally, why are the leaders of the Christian right concerning themselves with foreign affairs to the point of making make such wicked demands of the US government?  What connection is there between the right’s view of American security and Christianity in America?

My answer is there is none, but the Christian right wants Theocracy for the United States.  That is the only reason they can possible feel as though they have to stick their dirty noses into such issues which are outside the scope of religious teaching in a country with separation between the church and state.

Do you see it differently?