imageIts time for a rant about the Iraq war:

Top pro-defense Democratic Representative John Murtha has called for the immediate removal of American troops from Iraqi.  It is about time.  This comes after the US military concedes that white phosphorous was used against Iraqis in the attack on Falluja.  At first, the US military denied that chemical weapons were being used, but an Italian documentary was recently released which shows Marines using the chemical weapons and images of civilian victims, including women and children.  White phosphorous causes terrible burning which continues as long as the wounds are being fed with oxygen.  In a terrible twist of irony, the use of such chemical weapons by Suddam Hussein is one of his most recognized and vicious war crimes against the Kurds of Iraqi.  It is beyond me how the US military can possibly justify such a disgusting disregard for human suffering.

After John Murtha’s plea for withdrawal of US troops, Republicans were quick to attack.  One of the most telling quotes came from Rep. Duncan Hunter – Armed Services Chairman.  Hunter stated that Murtha’s plea was inappropriate because he failed to recognize that “if we don’t change the world the world is going to change us.” Is this really the imperialistic and circular logic that is driving this war?  Was it this type of logic that made Suddam Hussein use chemical weapons against the Kurds?  Is it this type of logic that gives terrorists their justification for disregard of human suffering?

It is the US that is the champion of globalization.  If the US isn’t prepared to compromise its over-consuming and egocentric way of life, then it is the US that will be its own downfall.  The people of the world can not possibly put up with this foolishness for much longer.  The US must change, or get out of the business of meddling in foreign affairs.  The world is not going to stand by as we change it, in the name of protecting our way of life.  We must take the first step towards positive change and withdraw our troops from Iraq…oh yeah, and at the very least also apologize for the white phosphorous and the other senseless destruction we’ve caused.