Vermont largest city, Burlington, has just elected Progressive Bob Kiss as its mayor using instant runoff voting.  Burlington is the first “major” city to use instant runoff voting.  The funny thing is that political analysts are surprised by the outcome.  No one expected Kiss to beat the democratic candidate who had the largest campaign fund and endorsements from many of the major Vermont political players.  Many believed that the instant runoff vote wouldn’t be necessary because the Democrat was expected to win the first vote by a majority.  In fact Kiss beat her in both the first vote and the runoff.

What does this show? 

(1) Instant runoff voting works!  When given their choice of the real top two candidates, money and endorsements have less effect on voters.  The fear of casting a “wasted vote” is gone and candidates who reflect a city’s real desires win. 

(2) Conservative voters would rather have a Progressive in power then a Democrat.  This second point is very intriguing.  Maybe it is only a reflection of the libertarian nature of Vermont’s conservative population.  Maybe it is a tactic to further weaken the Democratic party.  However, I think that it should be taken as a major wake up call to democrats: you don’t serve anyone’s interests.  Democrats are the status quo and the status quo isn’t what brings people out to vote.

This country needs progressive third parties.  Without them there is no debate. 

The Democratic Party is a disaster.  It needs to be put out of its misery.  Support instant run off voting!