Even though I consider myself somewhat technically savvy as far as modern technologies go, I still lag behind in some respects.  For the longest time, it seems, I have avoided podcasts because I had no idea what they were except for some piece hosted by Adam Curry that I saw on the television.  To make this short, I finally decided to check out the podcasts on iTunes and I’ve been blown away.

One of the most creative podcasts I was able to find is hosted by a Catholic priest from the Netherlands.  Yes, I did say priest.  Actually, the priest, Fr. Roderick Vonhögen, hosts several podcasts ranging from his interest in pop culture and sci-fi to theology.  The two that I have explored recently are the Catholic Insider and Daily Breakfast.

Before I expand just a bit on the aforementioned podcasts, I want to elaborate why I love these in particular.  The reasons actually stretch far back into the ancient history of Catholicism itself.  In my newly re-found (relatively speaking) Catholic understanding, I have articulated within myself what exactly I love or have loved about my faith.  One of the major components was the pursuit of inetellectual, scientific, and artistic endeavors.  So many well-known contributors to the sciences and the arts have been Catholic.  This has always impressed me because it allows for the breaking out of the typical mold of prayer and expressions of worship.  So many people find their glorification of God through the strings on their guitar, or through their paint brushes, or through the eye of a telescope.  This seems to have escaped the modern eyes of Catholicism.  This is why I love Fr. Roderick’s programs.  He is utterly fearless of technology and employs it to inform us all of all his varied interests.  He is a modern expression of the ancient seeker.

Both shows (parts of have their own flavors that make each other distinct.  The Catholic Insider, at first listen, seemed to be like an episode of This American Life with a twist.  Fr. Roderick isn’t always speaking of his faith.  Rather, he takes us on journeys that speak for themselves.  The most recent episode was recorded while he walked through the beginning of Carnevale in the Netherlands.  The recording itself spoke the songs of merriment, drinking, and fun that seemed to swirl around Fr. Roderick as he made his way to his brother’s house to pay them a visit.  It was a true slice of life; purely beautiful and amazing.

Daily Breakfast is a podcast that focuses more on daily topics dealing with technology and the effects it has on the world.  In addition, there are slice of life moments, television show commentary, and so many other colorful and interesting topics.  This show truly shows how in touch a priest can be with the world and that being a priest, a tradition as ancient as the Church itself, can also be progressive and unafraid of technological advancement.