Two years ago I started Me Duce Tutus Eris.  My goal then was to examine the absurdities of the mob mentality in America.  This remains my goal, but it has fully made a turn from the purely political to include the spiritual.  To be specific, I’ve trained my sights on those things that affect me most directly and effectively, the Catholic Church.  But, in doing so, I haven’t lost my political edge, but it has been reshaped into the examination of Christianity and its prolonged effect on America and the world abroad.  Two years in, my friends, we sit at the brink of chaos: a crumbling empire with a bloody knife held to its own throat.

One of the first topics I covered when I started blogging was about being wary on the progressive side of politics to not become like the Ditto-heads of the conservative counter-culture.  Several problems arise in addressing this, though.  First, by merely blogging, I am looking for sheep to follow a herd.  Second, by blogging about Catholicism I am engaged in a very mob-like culture by the mere fact that I am fiercely Catholic in most respects.  How can I point the figurative finger when I am a part of a flock?  How can I justify converting minds when the only result is another form of mob mentality?

The answers to these and countless other questions swirl in my head constantly (well, unless my head is swirling about recipes and food…) and I find answers sometimes only to refute my own self and my thought patterns.  Sometimes I get frustrated.  But then, I must remember that this is okay, because in trying to express such things in a forum like this, I should never feel well-rested and decidedly sure that I am right.  I suppose the best way to approach these answers that I seek when I do write is to view myself as an insider looking not for a way out, but a way to affect some manner of change if not in the minds of our political and spiritual leaders, then in the minds of those of you that do read what I have to say.

Two years in, my mind, spirit, and will have not morphed or subsided but I am fearful, indeed, that the mob, as crumbling it has become, has an itchy trigger finger and we will all be part of the spent shell.  Is it too late?  Has the mob won?  I do not know for sure, as always, but at the beginning of a third year I do feel an energy swaying the masses from croneyism, from despotism, and from fascism.  I take solace in that fact but the fight remains and we all must remain as well.

Two years in, I have remained a Catholic (however difficult it has proven to be) after returning to my cultural faith a year ago.  Two years in, the mob still rules.  Two years in, I still have too much to say and no time to say it.  For those of you who have read this blog from its inception, I send to you my most grateful of thanks for having the time to listen and perhaps think.