Senate Votes to Make English the ‘National Language’ of U.S.

I feel what makes this country so distinctive is its rare unification of people from diverse backgrounds.  We are the “melting pot” so-to-speak.  This new legislation attempts nothing but to chip away at the core of that rarity.  The fact that we hadn’t a national/official language before was a rallying cry to all newcomers.  It gave these new immigrants the belief that they too were equal amongst the “natives.”

These last weeks in government prove we haven’t learned a thing from our own history. Coming off the boat, over the fence, or across the desert to this “land of opportunity” just got a bit less prideful.  Now that crossing must be followed by hard looks over ones shoulder and the dodging of flying rocks more than ever before.  Not because there are less rocks but because those rocks used to be exclusive to the uneducated peasants.  Nowadays they’re coming straight from the highest hill in the land.