What’s wrong with MySpace? The real question is… What’s first on the list of things wrong with MySpace? It’s owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. It was started by a company previously renowned as creators of spyware/adware (Intermix Media). It’s poorly designed (aesthetically, functionally, and programmatically). This leads it to be ugly, easily hacked, slow to load, and cumbersome to use. It has no means of verifying users. Meaning there’s never been a better haven for sexual predators since Disney World. It owns your content:

By displaying or publishing (“posting”) any Content, messages, text, files, images, photos, video, sounds, profiles, works of authorship, or any other materials (collectively, “Content”) on or through the Services, you hereby grant to MySpace.com, a non-exclusive, fully-paid and royalty-free, worldwide license (with the right to sublicense through unlimited levels of sublicensees) to use, copy, modify, adapt, translate, publicly perform, publicly display, store, reproduce, transmit, and distribute such Content on and through the Services. This license will terminate at the time you remove such Content from the Services.

In other words if you’re a band and you upload, they own your music. If you’re a writer and you blog, they own your words. If you’re a photographer and you post, they own your pictures. If you’re a model and you’ve got a profile picture, they own your face. If you’re a designer and you’ve modified your profile, they own any logos, font types, etc… And if you’re a film maker and you upload a video, they own it.

That’s not it. MySpace doesn’t condone freedom of speech. They’re deletion policy is reserved to their own opinion. If you speak out against something MySpace doesn’t agree with your account can be deleted (along with all the controversial content). They collect demographics. Anything you state about yourself is easily searchable and statistically counted. Basically, users are unwarily contributing to a giant database capable of giving advertisers and their clients a holy grail of information.

I’m not stating that everyone should stop using the site but everyone should be aware of these issues every time they post. MySpace poses the utmost worry simply because of its size and ownership but most of the concerns addressed here aren’t exclusive to MySpace. These are issues plaguing most internet social networks. The trouble is while a lot of these networks are remedying the problems MySpace is simply adding more buggy functionality (video uploads, changeable top 8, etc.).

I leave you with an interesting article expressing different issues related to MySpace:

Hype and glory

EDIT: I just found out that MySpace has since changed its content terms. The new wording is a little better but still allows for great concession and trust by the content owner.

EDIT: Some people are taking the anti-MySpace message one step further: http://ifuckinghatemyspace.com/.