I’ve been reinvigorated as of late. You may be able to tell by the recent redesign and CMS (Content Management System) change I’d Dream recently undergone. Or by the fact that I’ve designed a webpage for Sh! The Octopus (my band), a slurry of fliers, and in the midst of it all I’ve been recording and working full time. It’s a wonder I even caught this second wind. For a while there I was ready to throw in the towel on a few of these projects. I really don’t understand the creative mind and body. It’s a powerfully resilient machine.

I’ve suffered from manic episodes since I was a kid, at one point filling an entire notebook with drawings and sketches, at another barely getting out of bed. It’s quite typical for an artist to have these little “chapters.” But as someone that’s been through the lows and highs too many times to count, I can assure you no amount of realization of that fact will pull me out of it. I think this goes beyond “artists.” It’s human nature to have hard swings in productivity direction. No one is “on” at all times. When I’m off I find it beneficial to search for a switch or trigger, something inspiring enough to pack up and move out of my hole. It’s always a different trigger. For the recent redesign of I’d Dream it was a combination of Cas’s resumption of posting and locating a great WordPress theme as a starting point. For my band it’s the end goal. With a destination it’s far easier to find the way.

A lot of things are on the horizon for this site and for my other creative pursuits. So I may drop off the planet for a little while here and there. Despite this, I’ve made a promise to myself that I’m going to contribute more to this site. And not just link dumps and random news either. I’m going to archive what’s happening in/around my life and I implore the rest of the authors to do the same. Not to the point of LiveJournal rants about breaking a nail while watching Borat. But things you’ve witnessed outside that belong here, but you were just too lazy to post ‘em.

Happy blogging!