I love stories of struggle and positivity, which is probably why I love Oprah (even though she can be goofy and a star-effer sometimes). On the NPR webpage, I read about a wonderful story of refugees and their will to play soccer and was touched. Their coach, Coach Luma, is a woman of deep conviction and of undaunted will.  Truly amazing.

On the field, “Coach Luma” — as the kids call her — is known to be tough. She makes the players sign a contract, pledging they will not do drugs, wear saggy pants, or use bad language. They vow to try hard and listen. But off the field, the coach is gentle and soft-spoken.

“It’s the only part of their day where they’re not criticized, where they’re not made fun of, where they don’t feel like they don’t belong,” Mufleh says, adding, “You’ve got an hour and a half of practice where you are the best at what you do. And you know, they need that hour and a half every day.”

Refugees Find Hope, Film Deal on Soccer Field