Friday night. High aspirations + loud noise coming from under my Jeep’s hood = boring evening at home with worried thoughts of “how much is this repair going to cost?” followed by “I hate cars.” I needed the sleep anyway.

Saturday; rent U-haul trailer, load up and 5PM, load-in at 6PM. With the complexity of a multi-performance event I understand the need for early load-in but 6PM (for a 10:15 set)! Come on! The Blowout veterans seemed to understand the reality of the situation, depending on their slot they arrived at around 8 or 9PM.

After getting to the Knights of Columbus hall with hours to kill we decided to head out on foot for a bite. The Polish Village Café was suffering from an hour wait so we “settled” for Polonia. As far as I could tell the place was pretty authentic. Polish wait staff, Polish china, and Polish food. Good stuff. I have to admit, Polish isn’t the best choice in “ethnic” cuisine for a vegetarian. Poles know their way around a slaughterhouse a bit too well.

Getting back to the venue, the event “organizer” attempted to give away or care package (bucket-o-beer) to The Smashed Windows (average age of band members = 13). After coming to his senses he led us to the “hospitality room.” This reminded me of touring with Document. Playing shows like this is a mix of being extra polite to staff and inevitably screwing some unwritten rule of that specific venue’s code of “common sense” up, thus screwing your chances of a good show. Luckily we seemed to fair well, the sound was good, the soundman was gracious, and the other bands were warm.

My only regret is missing Zoos of Berlin. They shared the same time slot as us. Thunderbirds are Now! and Johnny Headband was a great mix. Danceable, high energy, who could ask for anything more?

Overall this years Blowout was a great festival. It was very well organized and everyone was *gasp* nice! Surfing the ‘nets I noticed Sh! had a mini-review over at Webvomit. Jasper was upset with the front row sitting. All I can say is, Jasper it’s an evolution of what you’ve always complained about on Webvomit except they’re cutting the “standing” out of “standing with arms crossed and bored looks.” Next comes lying down, and then sleeping.