image We All Belong
Dr. Dog
Release: Feb 27, 2007
Park the Van Records

Years in a basement listening to nothing but Who, Beatles, ‘Stones, Kinks, and Beach Boys records is the only way to evolve the sound captured on this album. It’s as simple as that. One analyzes the melodies, hooks, instrumentation, and then feeds it all into a home studio. It’s the formula hundreds, if not thousands of pretentious indie bastards use to develop some tiresome incarnate of The White Album. Well if you play the averages, odds are at least three will come out sounding decent, and one will sound fantastic. If this is giving you inspirations to continue you’re home recordings then just stop, Dr. Dog’s fourth long player We All Belong is the one.

Frank (Thanks) McElroy, Juston (Triumph) Stens, Scott (Taxi) McMicken, Toby (Tables) Leaman, and Zach (Text) Miller are either good students, incredible observers, or both. There are subtleties on this album extremely reminiscent of 60’s rock records yet always overlooked by 60’s rock revivalists. With timeless intricacies that go beyond imitation Dr. Dog manage to finally take the culmination of influence, wrap it up in a beautiful package, and deliver it. We All Belong is fun, it’s not oozing of elitism, or slapping the listener in the face with Anton-Newcombesce (Brian Jonestown Massacre), “I talk to God” bullshit. It’s a simple album, with simple songs, and simple lyrics. And that’s why you’ll love it.

Outstanding tracks on We All Belong include: Ain’t it Strange with a bass-line suggestive of Happy Jack, Worst Trip with horns whirling around an uncomplicated but catchy guitar riff and ending in near chaos, and The Girl which sounds like a lost track during the Revolver sessions.