Well, I’d say that’s a wrap. Aside from adding a few images here and there and basic maintenance, I’dDream.com is done. I just finished an About page and a Links page and ever since the Content Management System (CMS) jump I’ve been plugging away at new features and adding an ease of use unknown to any previous iteration. There’s still a bit to do but like the president, it’s never too early to declare “Mission Accomplished!”

Here’s some things to keep an eye on:

  • The Homepage and this page tracks how many users/guests are visiting at any moment.
  • Popularity is ranked for each category/blog, year, month, and overall. This scale is based on comments, trackbacks, pings, and views. It’s always on the bottom right of the page.
  • Related entries are calculated by comparing every word used within the content and title of each post (so sometimes it might be a bit weird). The top 5 matches are then listed on the left side of the individual post’s page.
  • Search functionality works better than ever. If a post contains the word you search for, the site will find it.
  • The site is protected by Akismet’s spam bot. Every comment is put through the ringer by being compared to a huge database of spam. So far 307 (make that 100,399 as of 9/6/2007) spam messages have been caught and not one has slipped through.

Have fun browsing, reading, and playing with the new functionality.