Aside from some great shows this weekend, on Saturday (April 7th) one of the most unique and charming events to happen in Michigan music in a long time is occurring. The Ann Arbor/Ferndale band Canada have organized the Michigan Music Photo Shoot on the steps of the Detroit Institute of Arts.

Group Shot

I’ve always gotten excited for these type of events. In essence, they’re not a huge deal because often times the photos are discarded with flippant “so what(s)?” However, occasionally something happens. Be it a single individual (band) transcends into a prominent role within the subject industry (becomes a rock star). Or (and this is what humbles me) a true partnership develops akin to Motown or Chicago Blues and Harlem Jazz.

I’m not comparing the current “folk-rock-pop-post-whatever” Michigan music scene to those great events in music history but once in a while unexpected things/sounds happen that simply get ignored. I feel the current place many Michigan bands are filling is unique enough and the position the current corporate industry is in (destroying themselves) can assist this uniqueness to garner the praise it deserves. We’re at a time in which local “scenes” can develop untarnished by corporate promotion, where a true sense of locality can flourish. Cities had distinct sounds prior to Clear Channel and MTV saturation. You would hear the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, The Carter Family in Charlotte, and Motown in Detroit. With the corporations comprising the RIAA imploding, the internet exploding, and MTV ejaculating, the people are given the ability to take back what’s rightfully theirs. Sure, media isn’t going back to the 40’s anytime soon, but maybe we could hope for a day in the near future when before a band says, “We’re [blank] from..” after they’re first song, you could say, “They’re from Michigan.” Or maybe I’m just hitting the pipe too much.

In any event, if you’re a Michigander here’s some events to attend this weekend: