Yet another reason MySpace shouldn’t be the dominant force behind social networking; it doesn’t adhere to emerging “Web 2.0″ standards.

For example, like many other ‘net users, I maintain a Google Calendar. I also have a profile on Just in case you weren’t familiar, not only does give music recommendations based on what you listen to but it also lists recommended upcoming events in your area. On the site, when you choose to “attend” an event it will be added to your calendar. Which is sort of neat, but in reality the last thing a heavy internet user needs is yet another calendar to check, password to remember, or button to press. Enter iCal syndication:

  1. Login to
  2. Select the tab titled “Events” (on your profile page)
  3. Scroll to the end of the events list and locate the iCal link and icon
  4. Copy the iCal address
  5. Login to your Google Calendar
  6. Click “Manage Calendars”
  7. Click the “Add Calendar” button
  8. Select the tab titled “Public Calendar Address”
  9. Paste your iCal address into the input box
  10. Click “OK”

You can also add events from ([Shameless Plug] or directly from your favorite band [/Shameless plug]) to your Google Calendar using the same process.

iCal syndication would be a great addition to MySpace (with so many bands and individuals on the site). I mean, right now you can fairly simply and quickly add events to your MySpace calendar, but what happens when you forget to check it? I bet it doesn’t text message you… Even if it did, would you really want Tom to have your number? The truth is, like so many other great suggestions to actually make MySpace a worthwhile stop, there’s no chance iCal syndication will ever be implemented.