Tonight, The Food Network aired it’s first Food Network Awards, something obviously akin to the Nickleodeon Kids’ Choice Awards and other galas of that ilk. Of course, I was interested in seeing not only the winners, but what categories would be presented. Although, overall, the awards seemed lackluster and could’ve enjoyed a more intriguing and exciting presentation (the whole hour and a half seemed like one long Tasty Travels/So-And-So Goes Somewhere For Food show), it was still interesting especially because three of the winners had some tie to my life in some manner! Here they are:

Delectable Delivery of the Year: Zingerman’s Deli (I’ve known of Zingerman’s for quite some time and have had some excellent bread from there, but I didn’t become a die-hard foodie until I moved away from Michigan, so I haven’t been able to reconnect……I’m hoping to change this in the near future.)

Better Burger: Burgerville, Portland, OR (Ever since I first tasted their free-range Oregon beef burgers, I was hooked. They then became like crack to an addict when I tasted their seasonal chocolate hazelnut shakes – to die for. For me, Burgerville is tied for best fast-food joint with In-n-Out.)

Delicious Destination of the Year: Portland, OR (No doubt the clear winner. Portland has the most amazing food choices around, the best talent, and, importantly, is economically, ecologically, and socially responsible with the food. The birth of Cas the foodie was from the womb of Portland.)