Hard work sometimes doesn’t pay off

I’ve been absent as-of-late. My life is being sucked away by a computer program called Cubase, many condenser/dynamic microphones, and various gadgets/instruments. My band has been working on a record since.. well, forever. We realized a few weeks ago that we’re running out of time.

Mastering; 2-3 weeks. Duplicating/Printing; 3-4 weeks. Tour; 10 weeks away. Last weekend I spent every waking moment (aside from the mandatory chores of dog walking/feeding) working on final tracking and mixing. Yesterday and today I attached my headphones to my ears for every hour of my “real job” to listen to said weekend job. I’ve become obsessed with making things perfect. I’ve grown jealous of the production in records by The New Pornographers, Elliott Smith, and Bobby Bare Jr. I’m two steps away from giving up, giving in, and simply hitting “publish.”

What carries us DIY musicians along? It can’t be entirely the quest for financial sustenance. Because in all frankness the odds of that are in the complete favor of the house. At the same time, why are some allowed to tilt the metaphoric pinball machine so obviously in opposition to the rules yet be allowed to flourish? Eh, I digress. Time to get back to mixing.

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