Last week, the Democrats lost the 2008 presidential election.

This may be a premature statement to make, but based on all the pissed-off callers I heard on various radio programs (NPR and Ed Schultz) this week, I think the nation’s Democratic base is about ready to give up on the Democrats in Congressional power. After submitting a spending bill including deadlines to end the War on Iraq that was quickly quelled by the quill of President Bush, the Democrats submitted a spending bill that was a great deal lighter without any deadlines at all. For a bunch of politicians that ran on the “anti-war” platform (whatever that means to political Democrats), they basically signed up as co-owners of the war this week. This was political suicide. In much the same manner as Republicans who have become disillusioned with the illusion of conservatism (read: political v. moral conservatism), Democrats as a result of such pussy-footing will lash back by either not voting for Democratic positions or going completely over to the independent side. These people won their positions in great numbers last November because voters were sick of the war and they voiced that opinion. But, because the Republicans played the military/politics card, Democrats didn’t want to be looked at as anti-military. Somehow, they missed the point that by fighting this political war to the end, whether for ill or well, maintaining their intestinal fortitude for the sake of the military is most certainly not anti-, but pro-military.

Of course, I understand that the funding bill was also full of other additions to be voted on, which is not the people’s fault. When that happens, the fault lies 100% in the beds of the politicians in Congress. To layer bills important as this one with what amounts to pork (or spending that should have bills of their own), the grave importance of the Iraq spending bill is thrown out the window while seedy and selfish politics take over. What is at stake, though, is the funding of a war that should have never been started in the first place. Nonetheless, knowing that, as Senator Joe Biden (D-Delaware) said “…as long as we have troops in the front line, we’re going to have to protect them. We’re going to have to fund them.” I’m sorry, this is poltical spinelessness. These are words that come straight from the mouths of politicians who have too many hands in their pockets and in their pants.

Click here for the Senate voting roll and here for the House voting roll.

Oh! That’s why we’re broke!

As gas prices in the Midwest, especially in Michigan (surprisingly surpassing prices here in San Diego – we’ve reigned as the king of gas prices for some time now…), have hit the roof, I was forced to wonder why on earth this would be allowed to happen. Of course, I clearly understand the fascist politics of President Bush and his pro-corporate stance. These monsters are his true constituents. However, as the self-professed deaf-and-blind to polls president, W. cannot possibly ignore his frightfully low, Carter-like-during-the-energy-crisis approval ratings. But then, without the draft to supplement his war, how else could he fill the ranks of his phalanxes?

Make everyone who would otherwise live in the “middle-class” poor! Cut educational funding for the poor! Cut welfare for the poor! Make a calculated move to position the poor to enter the military and fight overseas! Ah, yes, the usefulness of a terrible economy!

Oh, and before you enter the Air Force or the Navy in hopes to avoid IEDs in Iraq while getting an “education” and what President Bush calls “benefits and health care”, you may want to listen to this.

Don’t underestimate the Force.

This past Friday marked the day that cinema changed forever.

I was five years-old when Star Wars hit the screens in America and pop-culture would never be the same. Thirty years ago, we were all treated to the magnificence of action, story, and, of course, special effects that would ultimately define the then-infantile summer blockbuster (given birth first by Jaws in 1975 – another of my most favored cinematic experiences). Geeks and more geeks are celebrating all the gross commercialism and great fun the movies have given us – except for that Hayden Christensen. Join me and be a geek this weekend – well, at the very least, watch the History Channel’s seemingly intelligent take on the whole phenomena, Star Wars: The Legacy Revealed, Monday at 9pm.

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