Today, (one of the two social networks I subscribe to, the other is Digg) was acquired by CBS. The team behind the site are swearing up and down that this acquisition is a good, scratch that, great thing but I have my doubts.

What would CBS want with Easy, to advertise and collect information. Just like MySpace, is a fresh pool of untainted demographics just waiting to be tapped. CBS doesn’t care about’s “determination to offer every song ever recorded.” They don’t care about “chang[ing] the music industry, and [the] way people interact with music for good.” All CBS cares about is the bottom line. How much more product can they push? How much more ad revenue can they collect?

CBS isn’t joining “the revolution.” They don’t care about users yearning to discover new music on their own accord. How much money is CBS going to make because I discovered some tiny band out of Omaha using Answer, none. How much money will CBS make when some brace – toothed – teen “discovers” Panic! At the Disco off Answer, a fraction of a cent. So, what will CBS do? Answer, change a level playing field to another shoving – the – next – overrated – sugar – soaked – pop – group – down – everyones – throat, “service.”

Looks like another, “Are You Sure You Want To Cancel” message is in my future.